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Collaboration between classroom teachers and librarians impacts student achievement here and around the US.

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Literacy Links

Learn from a (PLN) Personal Learning Network

Elementary Wallwisher Ideas
Pathfinders Teacher/Librarian Ning
Lori Gracey's 60 Websites in 60 Minutes
Pittsburgh Public Schools
Choice Literacy Resources
Teacher-Librarian Diigo
We Are Teachers
Ideas to Inspire from Teachers Around the World
PBS Learning Media for Teachers
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Favorite Blogs

WEB 2.0 Everything!

Web 2.0 Everything! Log in as Guest
Toni Sulkowski's EdTech Xpress Blog
Classroom 2.0 - Join the discussions! A great place to network and collaborate.
7 Videos All Educators Should Watch (especially #3, A Vision of Students Today)
FreeTech4Teachers -- 11 Techy Things to Try This Year
iLearn Technology MacMillan Treasures Supplement 1-5
Free Productivity Tools
Techapalooza Links -- Summer 2011

Learn how:

Make a FREE Classroom Scrapbook with MIXBOOK
Blabberize Tutorial
Ideas to Inspire
Google Earth tutorials -- Visit the Moon!
Professional Development Wiki
TeachWeb 2.0 -- plenty of tutorials
Watch Know Online Video Library
Document Cameras - Lesson Plans Blog
Use Flip Cams in the Classroom

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SqworlSquirrel.jpgCurrent Event Links

SMARTBoard Ideas ~ Don't have one in your room? Sign up to use the one in the BHLMC.

logo.jpg Discovery 20.11

Discovery Education Student Log-In
Discovery Education Math Assessment (Student LOG IN)
Discovery Educator Puzzlemaker
Discovery Learning

Ask-a-Tech Teacher Sites

More Teaching Tools:

Teacher Tools and Templates
Avery Labels and Designs
Block Letters
Teacher Helpers - Bulletin Board Ideas
Mailbox Magazine
National Science Foundation SCIENCE 360
Teacher/Librarian Penguin Book Links

Need an image?

Visual Dictionary Online -
Pics4Learning -
Kid's Image Search
SweetSearch -
CompFight -

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