dOt day at bOwer hill

Dot Day was a large scale building wide event that occurred at Bower Hill Elementary School at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. In conjunction with the education staff from The Mattress Factory Museum, students were able to participate in the creation of their own building wide art installation. Students at Bower Hill this year are being encouraged to explore creativity in new ways as modeled by the school's theme for the year, "Express Yourself." This event exposed the entire Bower Hill community to artwork by Yayoi Kusama and an educational art tool provided by the Mattress Factory Museum entitled "Tamatebako." Students were able to create their own dot artwork in a long term, ongoing installation piece in one of Bower Hill's hallways. This day of dots is still growing, with classroom work still being derived from elements of the Dot Day experience. There have also been reports of numerous requests to decorate Bower HIll student bedrooms with a free hand in the dot department. When we take the time to allow children to express themselves, their truly creative spirit comes out quickly in a very beneficial way! Creativity in a career field is one of the rapidly shrinking skill sets which is not readily exportable to foreign nations. A truly creative individual will find a successful path in life regardless of the challenges that come their way. The arts provide outlets for children to explore their natural creativity without some of the confines of daily life. Dot Day at Bower Hill demonstrates how the arts can easily carry over into all aspects of education as it continues to effect classrooms teaching all sorts of different subjects.

Dot Day at Bower Hill in the local news media: Peters Patch! the Almanac

Bower Hill's Dot installation takes shape:

Dot Day carries on... enrichment students of Ms. O'Brien created their own dots and descriptive poetry to go with it! Check it out...

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BH Staff Expressions!

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Dot day is being celebrated at Bower Hill Elementary School as an opportunity to help children discover their ability to "EXPRESS THEMSELVES!"

In cooperation with The Mattress Factory Museum, a variety of activities are being planned for Friday, September 14, 2012.

This is also the first week for children to begin the Art of Listening program in their classrooms.
The music for the week of Sept 9 - 14 will be by Steve Reich, Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings.
The artwork for the week will be by Yayoi Kusama,

More info about Kusama: