Ocean Habitat Links


Day 1:

In the Library/SMARTboard for FISH with your teacher

United Streaming- Understanding Fish Video

In the LAB for OCEANS with Mrs. Oleynik

SOSKids- Oceans

Enchanted Learning- Oceans

What's Happening in the Ocean?

Day 2:

In the Library/SMARTBoard for Coral Reefs with your teacher

Inch in a Pinch- Coral Reefs

Enchanted Learning Fantastic Creatures of the Coral Reef Remember, they are neither fish NOR mammals.


Bubbles Coral Reef Song

In the LAB for Kelp Forests with Mrs. Oleynik

Inch in a Pinch- Kelp Forests

Students click on BIG ARROW only.

Kelp Forest Web Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium

Day #3

Librarian @ the SmartBoard with Fantastic Creatures

Creature Feature - Jellyfish!

Students click on BIG ARROW only.

spongebob_-_clip-art.JPGThe Science of SpongeBob!

How do sponges eat?

In the LAB Activity -- Ocean Mammals with your teacher

Beluga Whale

United Streaming Oceans Alive Marine Mammals

Pebble Go - Ocean Mammals too (on the HOME page) Pebble Go
Creature Feature -- Learn more about Ocean Mammals! Pick 2 -- Click seal, whale, walrus, dolphin, or manatee.
Leopard Seals in the Southern Ocean

Day #4

Sea Birds with Mrs. Oleynik in the LAB

Sea Gull

United Streaming Seahouse:Birds of the Sea
Sea Birds from Nat Geo!
Creature Feature -- Learn more about Sea Birds! Click puffin. Pick a penguin.

Tide Pools with your Teacher @ the SmartBoard

Life in a Tidepool Enchanted Learning Tide Pool Creatures
I like tide pools!

SmartBoard Extra Enrichment

Intro to Waves

United Streaming- Tides Video

United Streaming- Waves Videos
(Please watch "What Causes Waves" and "How Does the Water Shape the Land")

United Streaming- Tsunami Video
(Please watch "Tsunamis")

PLAY Ocean Tides and Waves Review Game

Students click on BIG ARROW only.